Tovano B.V. nuts and dried subtropical fruits

More than 60 years of experience in the trade

It was 1950 when Toon van Noort, the father of the current director, began trading in nuts, peanuts and fruit&nut mix. The trade expanded slowly but surely right from the start. The father and son sold the products on the market stall themselves. Toon, Jr. began helping his father out from the age of 14. Four years later he officially joined the business. In 1977 the activities continued on under the name Tovano, with Rijswijk as the headquarters.

Quality has been the most important sales argument since day 1. As the turnover rose and the network of suppliers grew, father and son Van Noort became more familiar with the international sector. Business relations were only formed with reliable suppliers. An efficient organisation did the rest. With a relatively small team of employees, Tovano can serve the market.

You can count on our promise

Customers can rely on us for quality, as well as the availability of the complete assortment and an optimal delivery guarantee: you can count on our promise. The nuts it all started with have now been supplemented with dried subtropical fruit, seeds, chocolate, rice crackers and snack products, all available from our own stock. To ensure this, Tovano has generous storage facilities in Maasdijk.